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Thursday, June 08, 2006


A great way to piss someone off is to compare them to an animal. Tell them that they are as dumb a pig or as slow as an ox and they would glare at you in anger or annoyances. Humans do not like to be compare to an animal to because they feel like they are a higher species then them. They are more intelligent and more advance in lifestyle then any animal, but intelligent is the only thing that makes us different from them. If we don’t have our weapons and fire, we would certainly lose to the animals. We do not have shape claws or teeth as carnivores do; we do not have long legs make for running away. Now that oil peak is approaching, our technology would be decreasing. Soon, we may be around the level of an animal, so can we still say we are better.
Every human has a sense of Divine Entitlement. The reason I say “every” human is because it is a human tendency to pass on their belief to the next generation. It is also human tendency to pass on the beliefs to the next group of people they meet. Something, the Entitle feeling does not have to do with animal but over other human. A teacher feel like they are better then his/her students because they have more knowledge. If a student do not do a project or write a paper, they will get a bad grade because it not the way it supposes to be. Most adults act like that; they just do not see it because other people do the same thing. That is the human tendency I was talking about. When they see other adults scolding their kids, they believe they can do it too. It is like an abuse kid abusing their children when they grow up.
Another sense of Entitlement is on objects. People see an object as a thing they can be useful to them. If it got broken, they just buy a new one because it is too troublesome to fix it. My family is like that. One time, my DVD player broke and I bring it to a repair shop. They said it will cost $70 to get it fixes, so my dad suggests that we buy a new one. He said, “A new DVD player would not break as easy.” Really now? For some reason I do not believe that is true because my DVD player lasted 3 month and it new. I told him that, but he ignores me. He still believes in buying a new DVD Player and he did. I guess it just like what McDonough and Braungart said, “Opening a new product is a kind of metaphorical defloration: “This virgin product is mine, for the very first time. When I am finishes with it (special, unique person that I am), everyone is. It is history”” (McDonough and Braungart).
The feeling of entitlement by god was made long ago. Kings, emperors and Pharaohs all believes that they are sent down by god to rule man kind. Then man kind has the right to rule over other creatures lower then them. Through out history, even today, animals are still being put on a lower pedestal. In history texts books, during the post-Civil war era, slaves where sold like “animals”. It mentions that they were also sold like an object, but mostly as animal. The reason why is because animals are animals. They are our source of food and they can’t do anything to revolve. Many students and kids read the text books, by reading that sentences; they would believe that animals are lower then them.
Are human really a higher species then an animal? Is the reason why we are higher then them was because we are smarter? How are we smarter? Is it because we has the weapon and power to clear forests and trees? If that is true, what happen if those things are taken away? Can we still say we are better then them? “But if we were drop on a deserted island, we would survive better then an animal.” Is that really true? How many people do u think can ACTUALLY survive if drop off on an island, far away from technology?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

peak oil as sign and symptoms


Post peak personal pre-skills

Oil Peak, people know what that is and understand how that affects the World if it happens. All the websites and books that talk about it states what people should do and ways it can be prevents, but very little talks about what normal people should do. For example, before oil peaks happens is best to learn things that would help survive without electricity and running water. Things like first aid and planting, fishing and learning to be more resourceful. By learning these techniques and getting rid of habits, there are a better chance of survive.
Without electricity, most hospitals would not be as effective as before so, it is best to know what to do when someone is wounded severely, like a deep cut in the leg. Learning how to plant would bring food to the family, since most of the cars, bus, trucks and planes are down. Most of the meats and diary product, if you have any during an oil peak, would spoil in the fridge because of no electricity. Breaking of habits are helpful too because people rely to much on things that we need just being there. If we need paper, we can just go to the super market to buy some. If we need to get a drink of water, in schools and buildings, there are water fountains on each floor. Americans and people around the world takes things for grants, so when oil peak comes around the corner, they would have a hard time dealing with it. They can start by using leaves instead of toilet papers. By toilet papers are going to be very expensive would the oil peak because people would transport less stuff. Fishing is another way to get food, but it best to eat it right way, or learn ways to preserve raw food so it wouldn’t spoil as fast. One of the most common technique for preserves are salting the food. It is still being done today because because salty food taste good. There are plenty of salt in the ocean. The problem with that idea is that eating to much sodium is really bad for the health. Another idea are needed, that is why it is best to start now.
It is best to start the techniques stated above right now, before the peak because then we would be prepared. Right now, most people have all the time in the world. Right now, we are at our peak in technologies, so if we want to learn something, it would not be hard. To learn about first aid, borrow or buy a book that talk about it. We can also get the book from friends and family member they may, for some reason, has a book like that laying around the house. Also, first aid books are given away freely in events that are about health. There are plenty of leaves and trees around the city. If you walk down lower east side, close to Water Street, there are trees lines up and down the sidewalk. There are plenty of leaves covering the ground, so it is easy to take some and no one would care. All the leaves that fell to the ground would get swept away and dumped into the landfill anyway. If you are not close to the Lower East Side, just go into any park and you find plenty of leaves. When oil peaks happens, most trees and leaves would defiantly be sweep away because the rich people want them for fuel and stuff. That is why is always best to do thing early. By doing things late, it may not be the best job. Also, I mention near the middle of this paragraph, that many of the resources would be taken away. “Take what you can before it too late.”
People that know most of the techniques listed above may have a better chance of surviving the peak. That may not be true, but it stills the best thing to do. Those techniques may not even be useful at all in the future, but it is still better to know something then nothing at all. That technique can be use any where, and my idea comes from picturing myself on a deserted island. With out the things that most modernized American has, how can I survive the islands? Those techniques helps, a lot .

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Convincing my family about peak oil is as complicated as trying untie the Gordian knot. They listen through one ear and out the other. The method that I can use and not get annoy by it is,
1. Talking to them.
2. Closing the lights around the house when they are not using it
3. Try to get them to take shower, not baths
4. Opening fans instead of the air condition.
Like I mention above, they listen through one ear and out the other. I talk to each member of my family separately. The only one that listens, for a little while anyway, is my mother. The worse person to talk to is my sister and my dad, I didn’t even try.
When I told my mother about oil peak, she said, “We don’t drive cars, why should we care.” She doesn’t understand that oil is use in other things, not just cars. I was like that in the beginning of senior year. I remember Andy telling the people around the table about how oil is use to make food and transportation items from other country. I told my mother the same thing and it look like it got through, but it didn’t. When I ask her is she understands, she look at me blankly and then look back at the TV. Talking to my sister is the worse. I hate talking to her because she is a typical American consumer. She buys sneakers and don’t wear them. She goes ballistic over clothes that she only wear once and the amount of water she waste to wash ONE shirt and pant is insane. When I try telling her about oil peak, she stops listening and look my shirt. Why she looking at my shirt, I have no idea.
The second method I choose is closing the light when it not being use. That don’t work very well, but they understand why I am doing it. I think my mother understand why I am doing it. That method didn’t work very well because right now, both of my parents and my sister is asleep right now. The bathroom, living room, and hallway light are on. My sister computer is up and running and the radio in my parent room is blasting. Even if I close the light right now, my parents would open it and forget to close it because they are half asleep. Never mind, I will close the lights right now. I also believe the washing machine is on.
The three methods better then the other two. My mother, sister and I take showers. They believe that the bath tub is too dirty to take a bath in, when it is sparkling white. They are weird. My father is the only one that takes a bath because his back hurts. Don’t really want to bother him. The way I got them to take a shower was due to a trick. I usually take a shower first when it would still be in shower mode for a minute or two. Then it would switch back. I stopped it from switching by stilling a toothpick in between the two gaps. I then move the shower heat so it would aim at my sister, who is standing outside the tub. When she opens the water, the water would rain on her. Her solution to not get rain on the second time was takes showers and from then on, she only takes showers. I mention in the beginning of this passage that she believes the tub is dirty, so it not just my trick that got her interest in taking showers.
The air condition method is still being developed. The weather outside is not hot enough to test that out. The days when it’s really hot, my family would turn on the air condition that is in the living room. They didn’t know that I set the air condition on economy. I don’t know it would affect anything and I didn’t check out because my air condition is 20 years old.

Sunday, May 28, 2006



Friday, May 26, 2006

5 things I want the government to do

1. Reduce use on resources- gradually
2. Tax on Energy: decrease energy use (Restriction)
3. Start the Mitigation Program
4. Get the cooperation of other countries to find alternate fuels
5. Start renewing resources: Soil, Cow, Oxen.

Those are the five responses I want the government to put into action before and after the oil peak. The first response is to reduce the increasing amount of resources, we American, use. By reducing, I mean limiting some products from the market like shampoos, perfumes, feminine products and house supplies. The amount of those items in stores, pharmacies, and supermarket are insane. There are many different name brands and most of them are the identical to each other. When a family of 4 people (the parents and 2 daughters) goes shopping, they would by 4 different shampoos and condition. The same goes for body wash, perfumes, colognes, etcs.
Products are not the only thing that should be restricted from the market; electricity and energy too. In this case, restriction would not be the right word to describe it. The government should “limit” the amount of energy use. In my home right now, third of my computers are running, the living room, kitchen, the hallway, bathroom and the two bedroom lights are also on. The radio in my parents room are blasting and the TV in the living room has been playing would out stopping for the whole day. That is how much energy my family is wasting. The reason why we can do that is because we live in a project, where energy is free. We can use and waste as much as we want. Before the oil peak, energy prices should be higher and the people in the project should be charges for the electricity. That would cause a lot of commotion, but it also gets people more aware of the oil peak crisis. The people would start to question why they have to pay some much more for electricity and use less in order not to pay that much. It is inflation, in a sense.
When the oil peaks, the fall the Americans are going to experiments is going to be fast and deadly. By starting a “crash” program or mitigation before the peak, the fall of our economy is going to be less painful when we crash into the rocks below. To mitigating is to find alternate liquid fuels to replace oil. Turning coal into oil is one of the many ways to methods to make fuel. The best time to start a “crash” program is ten years before the peak. The twenty years between now and then, the amounts of liquid fuel American has in reserve for that occasion (peak) would be able to meet the demands for more oil. The economy, instead of falling, would rise. If the program starts ten years before the peak, our descent would be slow and if it starts a year or two before, our descent would be like a rock, falling fast, and hitting the ground hard. The problem with the program is it cost a lot and there are many predictions on when oil will peak. If the mitigation program starts too early, it would be wasteful and it too late, many American may not survive the fall.
Finding alternate energy source to power up a country is hard. It is worse if everyone in the world isolate themselves in order to conserve their resources. In other for human to survive, they have to share. That is the first thing parents and teachers teach their kids. By talking to other countries, the alternate energy source would be up and running before the economies of the whole world collapse.
Finally, before the oil peaks, the government should try renewing the resource America has, like the cows, pigs, farms animal, etc. Farms animals, like chicken can be use for food and other resources (eggs). Cows can be use for milk and plowing the fields. Horse can be use for transportation and sheep for clothes and food. Basically, I want the modern America to be like the past. We should also renew resources like water, trees and air. They are important because we need air to breath and water to drink. Trees are for shades for the hot weather in the summer and they can help renew the air. They are also need to make boxes, shelves, and other form of containment. The amounts of trees we have around the world are on a decline. There are less trees this year then before because people like to use paper. All those resources are the hardest to renew because they take a long time to grow or produce. We also have to look for an area to produce those. That is why this renew resource demand of mine should start right away, not after the oil peak. Water would be a very hard resource to renew because it was form by ice. Since the world is in the middle of global warming and many of the ice are melting, our source of water is depleting. It not gone, so that is why we should start to look for a cheap, energy efficiency way to renew our water supply.
Many people said that the oil peaks in 2010, four years from now, so now would be best time to start. When the oil peaks, many people would be panicking, instead of helping. It is an animal instinct. When there is a forest fire, all the animal run away. The foxes would take their family and run, ignoring the other animal behind them. On late night news, when there a riot, there are people that dead by getting trample on. People don’t care about strangers they don’t know, so when the oil peak, they will react like the animals. That is why those demands stated above should start right now so when the oil peaks, there are back up. Even thought many people wouldn’t like it, unless they want to die, they can’t really do anything about it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

government respond

When the oil peaks, the government’s responses to it would be look at with great value. The people’s expectation on what the government is going to do to help them during that crisis maybe different what they believe. When the people thought that the price of items and food to be lower, it would become higher to match up with their debt to the banks of the world. When they thought there would be world peace in other to find a new energy source together, there is war. Yet there are other choices that are very similar to each other. What the government choose to do, when the oil peaks, and what the people want them to do, is not as different as many have thought.
When the oil peak, the people expect the government to start rationing the food because the amount of food there is in America is limited. Many people know that majority of the food they eat are imported. It is label on the package “Made in China.” Another thing they expect the government to start funding projects for alternative fuel. Projects that are related to solar power and wind power would be the most important because they are providing energy for the Country. The people also expect free health care because it is expensive to see the doctor when they don’t have the money. Transportation in cities and suburbs stop because there is no oil. With out it, cars, trucks, boats and planes would run so the government would look for alternative transportation vehicles. These are the things the people expect the government to do for them.
What the government would do is ration the food, and providing housing for homeless. Emergency relief are given out to people and there maybe an inflation in prices. The reason why is because the government still believe that the more money they have, they may get through the crisis. There is a chance for deflation instead of inflation. Inflation is when all the prices of items increase, so $2 dollar would be able to buy something that uses to cost $1. That helps the people who own money to the bank because it lowers the amount they own to the bank. No actually lowering it, but make it not as high as before. Example, someone own $20,000 to the bank, by inflating the prices, $20,000 in the past would equal $7,500 in the present. Deflation is the opposite.
When you look above, it looks like there are very little similar, but that not true. There are many similar that are not listed, like looking for alternate power sources and rationing. It’s not going to be immediate action because they still want to believe that the oil did not peak. By believing that, the declination of American economy would fall like a rock. Transportations are still running, but not as many as before, because of gas prices. Many people, transit employers would be out of work and the line for the bus are greater then before. People would complain more and more because of the slowness of the bus and train. That is when the government would start to make bicycles and get people to ride them. The people would start car pooling when going to work and coming back home. Since many cars and trucks are gone, the picking up of waste and trash would be slower. Instead of 3 times a week, it would be 2 or 1 time a week. Another prediction would be that the government focuses most of its attention to waste transportation and it stays the same for a while before they need to find another plan.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

grassroot and governemt

When the oil peaks around the world, there would be many responses to that problem. One of them would be chaos and Darwinism, where everything is being control by the strong. There be wars and blood shed for power and riches. That opinion would be the first time someone will think about it is the most common. When a kingdom implode it self from the inside, the citizens usually go for each other throat. The reasons why was due to fact that the destruction happen from the inside. Anyone can be the enemy, no one can be trust, even your siblings and parent. You don’t know when you would be stabbed in the back by them.
Another response would be everyone working together in other to survive. The countries government and its people work together to make it work. They are divides into two other responses, one grassroots, in which is community effort in other to make it work, and government. The grassroots response for the community would be making a lot of garden out of a vacant lot. Those lots hold enough food for that community. Another thing they can do is assign jobs for people in the neighbor. That way one person would do all the work, and the others just lazy around. That would start a lot of bad blood in the community and may lead to violence. One person would take turn watching and farming in the garden. There are other jobs too. They can switch jobs if they want but only 4 times. If there were more then 4 switches, that person would have to work double the shift next time. Basically, that neighbor turns into an anarchic area, where things are rule by the people.
A government response would be rationalizing the food. By rationalizing, everyone would have an equal share (thought I doubt that, in reality). No one would have more or less. There would be a lot of problem in the beginning because many people are use to eating what ever they want and how much they want. Everyone would protest, not just the rich. People would try to get more food then others by bridling and stealing. People would say that stealing is bad and should be punishes but there are people that thinks that is cruel too. Basically, the law in America would change. They either become tighter then before, where stealing mean harsh punishment, or loosen because it for a good cause. For America to survive with the grassroots and government response, I believe the law may become tighter. Another thing the government can do is give out bicycles and fix transportation so it would less gas and hold more people. People can car pool with each other to go to work. The government can try to get people to donate their cars for spare parts. There are people that own more one car. There are a lot of people that have spare cars (cough celebrities cough cough) and they can donate them.
The best model for these responses (grassroots and government) is Cuba. As I had written in my pervious post, Cuba is having an artificial oil peak after the Soviet Union collapse. Their source of oil vanishes, but instead of descending into chaos, like most stories in books predicted, all the Cuban work together to survive. They come together and make gardens and farms for food. The government in the beginning rationalizes the food, but that was still not enough to make a person full. An average Cuban lost about 20-30 pounds. Electricity would go on and off at random and that means the refrigerator would be out. The food in it spoils so many foods in Cuban are vegetable, or products that don’t need to be preserved.